The Office: Our Garrison

The Office: Our Garrison

My dad’s office or as ‘we’ preferred to call it office was a meeting point, a life-changing relationship hub. Starting out as a freshman, I already had the opportunity to interact with students in their final year and some postgraduate students. This interaction opened my horizon way more than I could imagine.

I entered the tertiary institution very naive and knew nothing practical about what was at the end of my journey. A final year student kick-started my first thought of the possibility of not having to work for money-passive income.

“Why not start a blog?”

That was the question it took for me to start thinking of what I could possibly do to not having to work a day in my life again. I started reading anything and everything that came my way about passive income.

For more than a year I did not take a step to make anything I have read come to fruition. Later in November 2017, I published my first post on blogger- it wasn’t a real post, it was a welcome post. I made myself write some posts on the blog but by February 2018 I was tired and stop.

My third year was the most influential, I started learning front-end web development with the help of friends in the office. Attended my first meetup — a freeCodeCamp meetup. I cultivated the best of friends with whom I am still in contact with.

These relationships turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me in school. Had my first few gigs from them, even after they graduated we keep discussing the good ol’ days.

I always look back and ask myself where I would be without them.

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I ended up learning some points about these relationships:

  • Don’t limit your interaction with people on the same level with you: The old dogs have tricks to teach the younger ones just like the young puppies have new tricks up their sleeves too. Your colleagues shouldn’t be the only people you meet and discuss with. Have relationships up-down, left-right.
  • You always have something to give: You always get to add value to your relationships. You shouldn’t be always be receiving, give too. If you don’t have — which I believe everyone has value to add, you can always learn one or two from outside your circle. I was the finance guy.
  • You still have to do the work: No matter how awesome your relationships are, you'd have to put in the work. My dad has this saying: we can only provide you with all you need, we can’t write your exams for you. This statement applies to everything including relationships. You can't refuse to nurture a relationship and expect it to grow. Quite impossible. I had several people with whom our relationship has gone cold which at a point I thought this relationship is an everlasting one. Actively cultivating relationships isn't always easy but you are the average of the five people you interact with. Outside the office, I have had the grace and luck if you may, to have met amazing personalities in and outside my faculty.


  • Do not burn bridges: Some relationships go under the radar sometimes only to come back stronger. Some fly away leaving you with memories you’d cherish for your lifetime.

Relationship gone cold is better than relationship gone sour.

At the very bottom, it’s how you treat people that matters. We are emotional beings even though we think of ourselves as logical beings. People would always remember how you make them feel.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. — Maya Angelou

The office was unofficially closed after my third year. Office was truly a garrison- If you watch Peaky Blinders you’d get this.