Hi, I'm Muhammad Tahir

Hi! Thank you for visiting my site. I'm Muhammad.

Four years ago, I started looking for ways to earn passive income.
As a lazy person (in a good way I promise) I was looking for something that would keep replenshing my pocket as I spend.

The kind of chilling on the beach with coconut water and you get notifications of credit alerts. The normal cliche.
PS: I haven't even read the 4 hour work week at that time.(the bible of passive/remote work before it was cool).

Fast forward to date, I have learnt a lot on passive income, investing and the likes. So here is what I do:

My Favourite Newsletters

Now this is a long list. I am going to be biased because a lot of my friends write one. Here is a short list while write a long post on the plenty newsletters I subscribe to.

Other Random Things

  • Even though I feel I am not well read, I probably read at least 5-7 articles daily. Some at the speed of light others as slow as a snail. I reread, bookmark and write notes on some. Thanks to Obsidian, Pocket and Notion.
  • I play tennis and a huge fan of combat sports
  • This page won't be complete if I don't write that I am a huge fan of food and fitness. I really want to eat everything and still be jacked.

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